What We Do

Ship Visitation – Chaplains and ship volunteers visit the ships in port each day (over 4,500 ships were visited in 2022). The Chaplains are financially supported by their denominations. Chaplains make sure the approximately 50 miles of dock areas are visited daily. They offer a friendly welcome, an invitation to visit the Center, and provide spiritual or practical guidance and assistance to our Seafarers from over 72 countries around the world. Chaplains and volunteers are well trained in the cultural diversity, mental welfare, and basic maritime laws of the Seafarers.

Religious Service – Worship/religious service is offered to any Seafarers who wish to participate and available upon request by Seafarers on board their ship or in the Center’s chapel.

Bible Program – Bibles in over 40 languages are provided to the Seafarers free of charge.

Chaplain Training School – The experience and knowledge of the Houston Centers’ Chaplains have resulted in a renown worldwide annual training school for Maritime Ministry Chaplains and Managers, this school is coordinated with the North America Maritime Ministry Association (NAMMA).

Library – Seafarers visiting the Center are invited to select books or magazines free of charge to take with them and share with crewmates.. These items are donated by local churches, individual donors & community organizations.

Specialized Services – Special medical services (vaccinations, dental, and other), research of special requests, resources for hardships and specialized counseling are available and offered to Seafarers.

Seafarer In Transit – Rest and respite areas available for same day vessel arrival. (Our Center is open seven days a week).

WiFi Hotspot Availability –Access to wireless internet (MiFi units) are available for a nominal rate to those Seafarers restricted to ships who lack shore passes. Chaplains will visit & bring information on board for receiving these devices or Seafarers can purchase SIM cards during a Chaplains’ visits. If Seafarers are requesting specialty items and wish to shop onboard, HISC will dispatch local chandlers to vessels to assist in these purchases of electronics and food items.

Center Tours – Tours are provided upon request. We welcome groups from around the nation; local School groups, Church groups, Civic organizations and individuals wishing to know more about us

Donate to the Houston International Seafarers Center


How can I contribute and make a difference to the Seafarers Center?

Contributions of money, your time as a volunteer, books, magazines, and games are gratefully accepted. Donations are tax deductible, as the Houston International Seafarers Center was chartered in 1972 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our Chaplains are supported through the missionary budgets of their denominations. You can help to fund these ministries by having your congregation and its vestry/board include the Seafarers Ministry during its Mission Funding Process. To donate to the overall ministry of the Seafarers Center, please make your checks payable to “Committee for Ministry to Port Houston.”

Physical address: Houston International Seafarers Center, 9750 High Level Road, Houston, Texas, 77029

Mailing address: Houston International Seafarers Center, P.O. Box 9506 Houston, Texas 77261-9506

Donations to the “Ministry of the Seafarers Center” help to cover the purchase of Bibles in various languages, safety equipment (vests and hard hats), help provide underwriting for the WiFi hotspot ministry, which provides WiFi devices to seafarers onboard ships for those who cannot go ashore, and help to cover supply chaplains when extra help is needed to ensure coverage to ensure visitation of all ships entering the Port of Houston.

To donate toward the operational expenses of the Seafarers Center, please make your checks payable to “Houston International Seafarers Center.”

Ministry: How You Can Help!

Donate the Following Items (your no longer needed items can become TREASURE to our seafarers)!

  • Bibles
  • Magazines (most popular include: National Geographic, Reader’s Digest, news, sports, entertainment, religious, and travel
  • Paperback Books
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Playing cards
  • Board Games
  • Calendars
  • Music CD’s
  • DVD’s
  • Greeting Cards

Give the Seafarers a Party!

Your group can come host a party for the seafarers at one of our Centers!  Just bring snack food, beverages and yourselves, and come visit with the seafarers.  To arrange a party, just call the Seafarers Center (713.672.0511) and ask to speak to the Chaplain-On-Duty. What have visiting churches done in the past? Brought Valentine’s cards for the seafarers to write home to their families, and then mailed them for the seafarers. Brought materials to make greeting cards or Christmas cards in order to send them home to their families. Brought choirs and singing groups to give a little concert for the seafarers or encourage them in a sing-a-long. Planned a weekend cook-out serving hamburgers and hotdogs.


Call the Seafarers Center to find out current volunteer needs. Volunteers are often needed to help answer telephones, help in a special project, and to provide practical assistance to seafarers during peak times. Volunteers are needed at the Seafarers Center.

Contribute to the filling and assembly of Christmas Shoeboxes

If you do not have the time to buy and assemble Christmas Shoeboxes for distribution let us do that for you and give them in your name. Later in the year we will provide a link so you can order and it will ship to the Center for assembly and carrying onboard ships during the Christmas season.