Ship Visitation

Port Chaplains and special ship-visiting volunteers call on the ships in port daily. Port Chaplains are supported by their respective denominations on either a full-time or part-time basis. Volunteer ship visitors have received extensive training from the Port Chaplains and the Chaplains school on making effective ship visits. Approximately 50 miles of dock areas (25 miles on each side of the Ship Channel) are visited regularly. This includes 152 shipping terminals where one or more docks are located.  When visiting aboard ships they offer a friendly welcome, an invitation to visit the Center and spiritual or practical guidance and assistance to our visitors from around the world. Several chaplains speak other languages, and all are well trained in the cultural and religious diversity of the seafarers. Religious leaders of other faiths are also welcome to serve at the Seafarers’ Center, as there are many seafarers who are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and other faiths.

Worship Services

A worship service is offered for those Seafarers that wish to participate. Worship services and other religious and spiritual guidance are offered to the seafarers on board their ships.

Bible Program

Bibles in over 40 languages are provided to our seafarers free of charge. It is one of the largest bible programs in the world.

Volunteers and or volunteer groups are needed to answer phones, host special events, and provide practical assistance to seafarers during peak times.