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The top priority of most seafarers coming into port is to connect with their families and friends back in their home countries.

Phone and SIM Cards

Phone cards, as well as SIM Cards and Refill Cards, are available for purchase in the convenience store at each of the Centers, as well as available from the chaplains as they visit their ships each day. These phone cards provide excellent calling rates for the countries of our world.

WiFi Hotspots

WiFi hotspots  are available to be taken onboard vessels that request them.

Internet Café

High-speed internet connections are available at both of our Seafarers’ Centers.


Each day a fleet of vans and mini-buses picks up and returns the Seafarers from the docks free of charge. The approximately 50 miles of the shipping docks (25 miles on each side of the Ship Channel) provide a challenge to our drivers as most seafarers visit the center after their work day ends. This often means a hundred or more seafarers are brought to the Houston and Barbours Cut Centers and returned to their ships each evening.