SIM Cards, WiFi Hotspots, WhatsApp, Transport Services

Connecting With Home

The top priority of most seafarers coming into port is to connect with their families and friends back in their home countries. There are also opportunities to shop and see Houston.

WiFi Hotspots

WiFi hotspots are available to be taken onboard vessels that request them. These are reasonably priced and provide unlimited data.

Internet Café

Free high-speed internet (+ 50Mbps) connections are available at our Seafarers’ Center.


Transportation via van for up to 12 seafarers can be arranged either to and from the Seafarers Center or for shopping trips to places such as Walmart, BestBuy, Target, Nike, Ross, Apple Store, Baybrook Mall, NASA and many other places. Please call ahead to arrange your trip to the Center or to go shopping. Trips to the Seafarers Center are no cost. Voice +1 713-672-0511.

Current SIM Pricing for the above shown card is 3UK– $25 for 25 Gigabytes in the United Kingdom only and 12 Gigabytes in 71 other countries. Free talk and text.